NOTICE: The Fuzzy Boundaries project completed in March 2010, and the name Junction Triangle was chosen. Please visit www.junctiontriangle.ca for ongoing community discussions.

Welcome to fuzzyboundaries.ca. We are a small but growing community group hoping to find a name for our west Toronto neighbourhood.

This photo of the former General Electric water tower on Wallace Ave. shows one of our neighbourhood's best-known features, as well as the most popular name, Junction Triangle, as chosen by our residents in the second and final round of voting.

A number of different names have been used since Shedden Farms became a neighbourhood in 1887.

More than a year ago, some local residents formed a group called Fuzzy Boundaries to initiate a naming process for the area. Our mission was not to name the neighbourhood ourselves, but to inspire the community to choose a name. Whether people were new to the community, seasoned residents, or somewhere in between, they were encouraged to take part.

The Fuzzy Boundaries naming project would not have been possible without the support of people and businesses that have made financial contributions to help the cause. Many thanks to:

Fuzzy Events

  • March 16: Final results are now posted!