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What do you call our neighbourhood? How do others in the city refer to it? What is your preference for an "official" neighbourhood name, and why? This is the spot to leave your answers to these and any other questions that come to mind about names for our community. Check back regularly to see if others have posted opinions about your suggestions, and feel free to post your thoughts about theirs. Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood, a seasoned resident, or somewhere in between, your ideas count.

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Please keep the conversations on this forum related to the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project. Other topics of a general nature related to our neighbourhood can be posted on another neighbourhood website.

To Junction, or not to Junction?

The discussion about using the word "Junction" as part of our neighbourhood's name is certainly an interesting one! I didn't expect it to get so heated at this point in the process.

But this topic isn't new, and it has come up frequently right from the very start of this process. Not just from residents of The Junction either, but from people within the Fuzzy Boundaries area. There are many people around here who want to carve out a unique identity for this neighbourhood, and avoid the "me too" feeling of using "Junction" in the name.

Also, the name "Junction Triangle" often leads to confusion. If you tell someone that you live in the "Junction Triangle", there's a good chance that they'll assume you live in the Keele and Dundas area. Some people also seem to use "Junction" and "Junction Triangle" interchangeably for both areas. A good example of this is a newspaper article from the 1980's that spoke about pollution in this area, and seemed to waffle back and forth using both of those names. A current annoying example of confusion between these names is on the Flickr photography site. If you geotag a photo to place it at Campbell Park, it will correctly label the location as "Junction Triangle". But it uses the same name if you take a photo at Dundas and Keele! D'oh!
Junction Triangle photos on Flickr:
Flickr's map:

The most popular name for this neighbourhood, right now, seems to be "Junction Triangle". This name has been in use since about the late 1970's, was used often in the 1980's and seems to have faded somewhat since then. You can still hear it being used pretty regularly though. Something I'd like to know is: If there's so much uproar over this name now from Junction residents, was there the same amount of uproar in the 70's and 80's when this name was at its peak of usage?

When the Village of West Toronto Junction was founded in 1884, and then morphed into the Town of West Toronto Junction in 1889, and then became the City of West Toronto in 1908, did residents of Toronto protest the re-use of the name "Toronto"? Were Torontonians worried about becoming residents of "East Toronto"? Did they tell residents of The Junction, Hey! Stop using our name!" :-)

I actually like the name "Junction Triangle" alot. It's very appropriate for this fuzzy boundaries area. However, the confusion over the name is definitely a major strike against using anything with the work "Junction" in it.

On a related note: "York" seems to be a really bad example of name re-use / abuse. Toronto was previously called "York", named after a place in England. Then came York Township, which eventually became the City of York just north of the City of Toronto. But that got swallowed up by amalgamation. Further north was North York, also swallowed up by Toronto. Keep going north and you end up in York Region. Maybe we'll swallow them up too, but do we really want to? Oh, and don't forget about East York, and Yorkville (where you can probably find people carrying Yorkies in their purses). Plus a million other places named York all over the world.

Nicely explained.

Exactly Vic. Nicely explained.

junction who?

Nicely put, Vic, as usual. It's interesting to note that even the neighbourhood next door doesn't seem to know what to call us. All the more reason for this process to be taking place, whatever its outcome.

whats in a name

shy do you think its important to have a name whats wrong with saying i live on symington or wallace why do you to call it anything other then the street you live on

what's in a name, what's in a neighbourhood

Nothing is wrong with that at all. It's just that what we're talking about here goes beyond the individual. The project is about where "we" live, not where "I" live.

What about the Yorktion

What about the Yorktion Triangle? Oh, it's too late.

The Junction

I'm 28 and was born and raised on the corner of dundas west/keele st. I still live in the junction and have seen the neighborhood go through a lot changes-mostly good. And why on earth would we consider changing the name? It sounds like it's the boundaries of the neighborhood that need to be defined, not the name!
Keep The Junction!!!!!!

Regarding The Junction

Dear Fuzzy Junction Resident, no one is attempting to change the name of The Junction. We are discussing the area that is situated east of Dundas rail corridor, from just north of Dupont to the area south of Bloor that reaches down to Dundas and Sterling. You can find a map that defines the area on this site at

We're just hoping that you

We're just hoping that you leave the name Junction out of your naming process.

junction confusion

Wow, all this just seems to show that there is definite confusion around any name with "junction" in it! As a person who likes the old name Junction Triangle (brought in decades ago), I wonder what others who also like that name think after reading these comments?

We live in the Junction

I'm positive that you don't want to hear what the people who reside in Junction have to say about all of this.

Junction Discussion

We are actually having a discussion here and no one is preventing you from expressing your comments. What is puzzling is that you are hiding behind a pseudonym, one that doesn't actually apply if you live in The Junction. This isn't East Germany. State secrets are not on the table and it would be much easier to carry on this discussion if we had a sense of who you are. Without your name you are creating the impression (for some of us) that this is just a put on.

I can not vouch for all

I can not vouch for all comments that have been left on this site but my name is Lisa and I'm a Junction resident who is opposed to your group using the name Junction in your naming process.

I believe that I am one of many.

Junction Name

Thanks for your comments Lisa. If you could send me a message through the "Contact Us" link on the left-hand side of this page, perhaps we could talk directly. I am a member of the Fuzzy Boundaries planning group and would be interested in talking with you.

Positive changes can happen in many forms.

Positive changes can happen in many forms. There is opportunity for many different projects within a community. In the end,
all problems will never be erased, thus is the foible of being human, never perfect but continually striving for betterment in
many different ways and with many different opinions. There should be opportunity for other ideas to flourish despite some disagreement, especially when many other residents are seeing the benefits of any given project.

There are no absolutes in each answer, just an open mind and a generous spirit to share the community with others.

Thanks to Our New Sponsors

A big thank you to our newest sponsors at AYA Kitchens and Baths and realtor Bill Mohan. While the work of volunteers on this project comes for free, printing and postage has a price. We could not reach the hundreds of residents participating in the Fuzzy Boundaries naming project without the financial contributions of companies and business people like Bill Mohan and AYA Kitchens and Baths.
Castlepoint Realty Partners, who are working on the Tower Automotive property, signed on before Christmas and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their on-going financial support.

A Lot to Consider

It is really amazing to see ten names emerge from a list of 230 suggestions. What a cool process!

Sally Hewson did a great presentation at the last public meeting and I am glad to see her suggestion made it to the final round. Of the three Junction possibilities, I think East Junction is the clearest. It distinguishes us from the existing Junction and is much shorter than South Junction Triangle.

It is hard to know which Rail name is the best when they are so closely related. At this point (for me), it's a toss-up between The Triangle and The Wedge.

wavering on junctions

You're right, it is a lot to consider. A friend of mine really likes East Junction as well, but I worry it just invites more confusion, since there has already been so much confusion with both JT and SJT. I have always liked the name JT, but the one argument that people make that sticks with me is that it lumps us in with an already well-known neighbourhood. Lumps rather than distinguishes from. And to be honest, whenever I try it out and tell people I live in the Junction Triangle, they ALWAYS assume I mean the Junction. So as much as I like the name, I have to admit that anything with Junction in it is problematic. This is a tough one for me, as I also like the idea of sticking with a name that the neighbourhood has already put into use, long before my time....

At the end it's not the name, it's the people and life in it.

To me, Names is secondary and cosmetic. It's the people and life within that community which is more important then the name.. For example: Look at, At Risk Neighbourhoods. Unfortunate because of whatever unfortunate situation, poverty, unemployment, lack of education, single parents, drugs, crime and a history of never recovering or given a chance. A community with good people in it, is now labeled with a reputation of been bad. This reputation some how manifestes it self out of control and people(young people)feed on that. Our focus should be the, People and all the good stuff in it. JF

The Next Round - Vote in Person

In the second (and final) round of voting, anyone wishing to vote in person using a paper ballot will be able to do so at three locations in the neighbourhood.

In the north end, you can vote at the Perth/Dupont location of the Toronto Public Library at 1589 Dupont Street. Carmen and the staff at the library have been hugely supportive of the project since it began and we appreciate their effort and contributions to the project very much.

Yasi of Yasi's Place at Wallace and Campbell Avenue will again be providing an opportunity to vote in the centre of the neighbourhood. If you would like to ponder the choices over a latte, Yasi's is the place to go.

At the south end of the neighbourhood, you will also be able to vote in person at Nonna's Place at 1540 Bloor Street West (right at the intersection of Symington and Bloor). We suggest you stuff yourself with one of their amazing Italian sandwiches rather than the ballot box.

Voting begins on March 1st and of course, you can always vote online here at


I read an article in the Toronto Star in January where the person interviewed referred to the area as "The Junction Village" and I really liked that. I wish that someone had suggested it for this. I didn't know about this naming process at that time.


now that the top 10 have been chosen,

Black Oak Triangle
East Junction
Junction Triangle
Perth Park
Rail District
South Junction Triangle
The Triangle
The Wedge

the discussion should move on to which is the most desirable to serve the neighbour hood.

"What if" comments no longer add to the choosing of the most suitable name, so lets hear your comments about how your favourite of the ten would be best.

Hopefully you'll be selective when you choose your name!

My Grandparents moved to the Junction in 1909, right smack in the middle of the neighbourhood. Keele and Dundas to be exact. I myself have four generations behind me and I know many people who have the same sort of history. We as a GROUP are bothered by your attempts to rename an existing neighbourhood.

I realize that all of you live EAST of the tracks and are looking to "name" your neighbourhood but I must ask why you would select such possible names as "EAST JUNCTION" or "SOUTH JUNCTION TRIANGLE." This would simply mean that there may be a possibility that at some point in the future I may be asked where I reside in the City and my answer may have to be WEST JUNCTION! I was born and raised in the JUNCTION and I don't think that your group of people should be trying to feed off the ORIGINAL name ~ THE JUNCTION! We have a RICH history in this neighbourhood and you're trying to mess with it!



Hopefully you'll be selective when you choose your name

Sorry for responding late to the last posting. Many of us throughout ward 18 were busy with the demonstration for the king of dictatorship, Adam Giambrone.

I am tired of been dictated to by others, you can't do this and don't do that, do this and that. When you start paying my taxes you can speak for me, until then, suggested, but don't start running my live. We are more of a junction on a physically level then you guys, yes historically by name you MIGHT. But on a physically we are nested between 3 sets of rails. I like the name Junction, as it means to bring people together. So if the residents who live in the present juction triangle, decides to call it that or use the name junction. Then that is what it is, sorry. That is democracy.

If I may ask, what do you

If I may ask, what do you call where we live ?

The original name of your area is West Toronto Junction as used by your historical society who sent a member to one of our meetings.He suggested, in good humour, that we join the Junction.

Some people have been calling our area Junction Triangle since the early 70's so its not exactly news.

So, if this little pocket

So, if this little pocket that you live in makes it way onto a map as EAST JUNCTION doesn't it mean that i'll be a resident in the WEST JUNCTION? We know our neighbourhood as the JUNCTION and nothing more.

Furthermore, I think that you as a group could have taken other initiatives to meet your neighbours. Geeze, I can't walk down the street without running into twenty people I know. Then again, I'm not a NEWBIE in the HOOD! Our parents never had any trouble organizing play dates when we were kids. Nor did their parents or the generations before them.

Oh and for the record, I nor anyone I know was invited to the meeting to VOTE! However, I'm sure I can round up quite a few people to attend the next meeting. Let me know when it is!

Regardless of what it was

Regardless of what it was referred to years ago, it is known as "The Junction." Yes, I do remember when it was SOMETIMES referred to as the "Junction Triangle." I'm not sure where you live but I certainly know where my roots are!

I'm sure your a relatively new resident as is the SIX year resident who initiated this. We as a group are simply hoping that you'll leave the "JUNCTION" out of your renaming process.

Do Your Homework

You are failing to see the humour in that the original name West Toronto Junction was a derivative of Toronto. First you were sure of the name then it was "regardless" of what it was called. Thats a solid argument you going there.

I don't know why your nose is so out of joint but maybe you should read the backgrounder and other info on this site before you use up your months supply of capital letters. You seem to be very quick to criticize those who you say you dont even know where they live.

On my bookshelf are City of Toronto documents from the 1970's that call the area in which I live (see map on this website) Junction Triangle and thats when people started using the name. I was a teenager working part time in an autobody shop on Geary Avenue at the time and therefore cannot be held responsible. As a 35 year resident of the West End I have always been aware that many people who live where I do now used the JT name although it was never officially sanctioned by the City.

Over the past year due to other issues that have brought West Enders together we have found people from surrounding areas to be fascinated by the process and supportive. The history of our areas are intertwined and until you we have found West Benders, Junctioneers, West Enders, Parkdalians, Roncy Villagers to be friendly and informed about the history of the West End and the history of names in the area.

I suggest you contact the wonderful people at the West Toronto Junction Historical Society ( as we have and find out a bit more about the history of the West End before you do any more sneering.

Born and raised HERE!

I know all about the history of the Junction. Don't you remember, I have FOUR generations behind me? One hundred and one years to be exact.

You seem to be caught in a time warp bud. It's 2010 and we're well beyond the 70's. I Googled "The West Junction, Toronto Ontario" and the only thing that came up under "The West Junction" was the Junction Historical Society. If you go to Wikpedia, my neighbourhood is called The Junction ... and nothing more. Not West Junction. I remember the Silverton bar on Dupont serving alcohol when the Junction was still dry. (Since replaced by town homes.) The area EAST of the tracks wasn't effected by the vote that took place in 1903.

I looked at the layered map on this site and came to the conclusion that you all live EAST of the tracks. The center of the Junction is at Keele and Dundas. Do you not think that if you people lived in the Junction that perhaps the Junction Arts Festival would trickle over the tracks and you would have activities going on in your own neighbourhood?

If you want to shop in the Junction you could always go to Junction Meats (which I wouldn't recommend? which is located on Dundas.

If you need to visit a post office you could always visit Junction Gardens Postal outlet, located on Dundas.

If you have a question about a business in the Junction, you could always contact the Junction Business Improvement Area which is also located on Dundas.

If you would like to send your child to daycare, "Junction Daycare" is a local daycare that serves the immediate community and is located on Clendenon south of Annette.

Of course if you're hell bent on living in the Junction, you could always contact Junction Realty which is ALSO located on Dundas.

For the record I'm not here to oppose what you're trying to do. Hence, there was no need for the sarcasm. I'm also a very nice person. I just don't think that you people should feed off of an existing and CURRENT neighbourhood. The Junction. I really do think that being able to identify yourself in your own community is a nice idea. Street signs would be good. Heck, you could have your own Festival. What's wrong with Perth Village?

Top 10

Well, the one I chose did not make it to the top 10 which was disappointing but I do like several of the ones that did make the top 10! The Wedge definitely has some appeal as it is unique, memorable and I think defines how we are wedged into this city. Rail District is catchy to me as well, as like it or not, the railways and now the railpath are a part of our neighbourhood and I have always liked the areas that are 'Districts' in the city of Toronto. I look forward to reading your positive opinions about your top choices!!

history of the hood

I'm a little disappointed that more history-related names didn't make the list. I would have liked to see a Shedden on there, or a Royce-related name.

rail district

Someone mentioned to me the other day that Rail District sounds businessy, or galleryish, like Distillery District -- not so much like a community or a neighbourhood. Just something to mull. And Railtown sounds more and more to me like something out of an old western.

railpath and perth park

These two are my least favourite. We already have a Railpath and a Perth Park, so to me it's confusing to name a neighbourhood after them. One of the things people don't like about the name JT is that it's confusing, so this is something to watch out for and consider when selecting the top three of the ten.

thoughts on triangles

Someone at the meeting suggested "triangle" should at least be part of the name, as a way of paying homage to the Junction Triangle, a name that came about in the 70s when there were so many pollution problems from the industry in the area. Actually I guess it's the people who fought for a cleaner neighbourhood that we'd be paying homage to, rather than the name itself. I like that idea -- but also understand people's aversion to the word "junction" since it lumps us in with another, better-known area. So I'm glad to see triangle appears so often on the list.


MC Caldwell sent a message using the contact form at
Saw your quick interview on CP24 with George today - I love the name RAILTOWN - it is separate from The Junction name therefore really giving your neigbourhood its own unqiue name that is so cool and yet still really does reflect the area from its inception of its most earliest days.Thanks MC

the top ten

Interesting list. The words "junction," "rail" and "triangle" are obviously popular, judging by how often they are repeated in the list. I'm intrigued to see where people go from here.

Last Day to Vote!

Today is the last day to vote for your favourite neighbourhood name in round one of the Fuzzy Boundaries naming project.
You can vote in person at Yasi's Place until 4 p.m. today or at the Perth/Dupont Library until 6 p.m. Online voting is open until 12 midnight.
If you haven't exercised your franchise yet, we hope that you will state your preference before the polls close today.
The Top Ten Neighbourhood Names, as determined by area residents, will be posted here tomorrow (Saturday) morning before Noon.

Last day to vote

Let's be clear on something. Though you made some steps to change some of the process, like having the residents choose their community name, instead of a panel of experts. Which I feel is the correct and only fair way.

There are couple of issue's.
1)Many residents in the catchment still don't known about the re-naming.
2)You are tainting and influencing the vote decision by displaying names.

The vote and the names should come clearly from the residents without any outside influence and prejudice. We know for sure looking at past posting, that some names that were suggested previously were not even residents.

Lastly, I was speaking with my mother's next door neighbour and the family told me that they did not know or fully understand what FB residents were trying to explain to them with the yellow signs. FB has been meeting for a year, informing residents should of been done in the beginning.

Last day, and informing people

Just wanted to address your points, though these topics have come up several times in the past too:

1) It's true that some people still do not know about the naming process. We can't possibly reach every single person. However, we have made a pretty strong effort to do so: At least three direct mail pieces to every single residence in the neighbourhood, many mentions in the media (newspapers, radio, television, websites, etc.), three public meetings, a naming activity at the Boys and Girls Club, involvement with elementary and high schools, a presence at various local events (Perth Park Festival, Railpath events, BIG on Bloor Festival, etc.), door-to-door knocking, emails through various community groups / mailing lists, mentions at other groups' meetings, flyers in local businesses, a large display at the library for many months, and of course word of mouth, etc..etc... I think that covers it pretty well. But if you'd like to help get the word out some more, Fuzzy Boundaries is certainly open to more volunteers. You can contact us here.

2) Of course names are displayed. I don't see how you can have people choose a name for the neighbourhood without allowing people to make suggestions and discuss them publicly. Imagine if we didn't know who was on our federal election ballot until the minute we received our ballots?

The votes are coming from residents. Votes from non-residents can be discarded.

Informing residents has always been a priority, and many efforts have been made.

Perth Park

I think the name Perth Park should be strongly considered. It has a great ring to it, and is also a lovely Park in the center of the area.

The name Perth does not mean

The name Perth does not mean anything to 90% of the area population who do not live on Perth, and the park there is nothing special.

I live in Brockton, but I

I live in Brockton, but I don't live on Brock. That doesn't mean I don't find the name or neighbourhood special.

Also a question about Silverthorn: As a non-resident viewing the neighbourhood's location on Google maps, why do they call it Silverthorn?

Excellent photos from City of

Excellent photos from City of Toronto digital archive, Perth Park in action, 1915... Means something to me, and I live on Symington.

Vic - that's incredible that

Vic - that's incredible that you found me. I thought I was the only one looking at it :) Will do my best to get over to the library before the display comes down.

perth park photos and more

Yes, I love these old neighbourhood photos too. The new photo on the front page of this site is actually one of Vic Gedris's retakes of an old one. Vic, maybe you could post a link to that lovely bridge shot from 1915ish?

Archival photos


Nice to see you post here. Oddly enough, I was *just* on your Tumblr site a few minutes ago after finding you via Twitter (SCSI sounds so oldschool when Twitters and Tumblr's are thrown around).

The Perth Park photos are fantastic.

I've collected many of the Archive photos and posted them at the Neighbourhood Website Whose Name I won't Mention Here as to Avoid Spoiling the Naming Process.

I have also taken quite a few "Then and Now" photos of the neighbourhood, some of which are posted at the Fuzzy Boundaries display at the Perth-Dupont Library. Check it out if you can, but I'm told that display is coming down any day now.

I will start posting those now/then photos online soon.

Here's one example of the Wallace Bridge. 1916 / 2010.


woops and photos old and new

you beat me to it, Vic. Thanks for posting the link. But once again I'll say I love these retakes you do as much I love seeing the originals.

Do we know how many votes each of the Top Ten names received

Hi, I am curious to know, how many votes did each of the Top Ten names received. I don't know how many residents live in our catchment area. Would be nice to know on how many actually voted. Thax

Second that, do we know how many residents voted???

I am also curious to know on how many residents voted. The second last posting the writer was wondering about how many residents live in the hood. We have about 12- 15,000 residents. Not sure how many of those would be able to vote??? Will Kevin be posting, how many residents voted and how many votes each names recieved.