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What do you call our neighbourhood? How do others in the city refer to it? What is your preference for an "official" neighbourhood name, and why? This is the spot to leave your answers to these and any other questions that come to mind about names for our community. Check back regularly to see if others have posted opinions about your suggestions, and feel free to post your thoughts about theirs. Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood, a seasoned resident, or somewhere in between, your ideas count.

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Your number is factually incorrect

I talked with the city a month ago and they say that the area covered by this initiative is about 7 to 8 thousand people including children. Please be accurate.

Official Neighbourhood Numbers

Here are the official stats from the previous two census periods along with estimated and projected figures. The total is aggregated from Census Disemination Areas that fall within "the triangle"

Our Neighbourhood Population
Year #
2001 8,491
2006 7,964
*2009 8,815
**2014 9,258
**2019 9,537

Source: Statistics Canada, Environivics Analytics
* Estimated
** Projected

I noticed that too

I noticed that the population of the ward decreased for a while after 2001. It shows up in some stories about voter turnout.

What's with the Jargon?

A (not so) Fuzzy Resident, what's up with the jargon "catchment" area? Not sure where you are, but I live in a neighbourhood with friends and neighbours. Perhaps you could define the term for us because it sounds a lot like some kind of North Korean talk for centralized command-control, I know best kind of attitude.

Naming it NOBLe SODA or TriSODA or SODA Triangle

Just found out about the naming of our area... TODAY already being January 29. ( Thanks for letting me know NOW being the last day and not everyone knows about this naming thing unfortunately)
We need to choose a name that will be unique, intriguing and catchy. A name that will improve our area, clean up our area and redeem our area. We need a name that will be intriguing for business investors or for small business owners to open shop with new exciting attractions to our neighbourhood i.e. cafes, restaurants, childrens shops, basically we need to attract a new vibrant energy here and a vibrant unique name can do that...Like in New York City with names as TRIBeCA and SOHo, those areas became known for their name change and attract positives such as better improved community feel, business improvements and as well PROPERTY and COMMUNITY VALUE.
I suggest NOBLe SODA ( North of Bloor South of Davenport ) or perhaps the SODA Triangle ( South of Davenport Triangle )
We cannot use something that already exists such as Junction or Wallace Emerson and definitely NO street names... It needs to stand out on its own...
We FINALLY have the chance to change the image of this area which let's be REAL and honest here, has been know as a sleazy, drug dealing no one cares about it area...
A name does say a lot... It is time to make a biold statement that will not only boost the morale of the neighbourhood but could very well help get rid of the old image and FINALLY bring on a new one... If they can do it in New York City's TRIBECA and SOHO we can do it here in the NOBLe SODA ( or) The SODA Triangle or TriSODA... Make it happen ladies and gentlemen

New York Has many diferent naming conventions

The name creations in New York helped identify a trend, people living downtown again. We see it here in Toronto too. Tribeca did not create the trend, it helped people understand the trend by localizing it and giving it a marketable name but the name itself did not lead the charge. BTW who would have thought that anybody would think it was cool to live in an area called Dumbo?

I am not a fan of made up names, especially when there are so many good names that actually have some history to them.Really Tribeca is a very cold systematic way of inventing names not unlike how "Exxon" was invented in a very expensive round of "branding". By now the Tribeca model is well known and similar naming methods risk the derision of being called copycat and possibly overreaching. The New York example is somewhat flawed in that some of the most famous areas in the world exist in New York and are named after streets. Wall Street would be the most famous example. Broadway would be another. 5Th Avenue is another. There are many other areas that are known to New Yorkers by their street name such as Prospect, Flatbush, Bowery. I don't think anybody would dare suggest giving up those names. My point is New York shows there is no hard fast rule about what naming works and we see similar examples here is Toronto too.

I don't think our reputation is that bad, I would not have moved here if it was 9 years ago. I think the point is that we don't have a public profile or at least have never actively promoted the area. As well it may be that we were once identified by the industries that no longer exist leaving a void somewhat.There is a lot of good stuff existing here already.

Royce History

Is there anyone who would be able to tell me about the history of the name Royce? I like the idea of adding a historical aspect to the naming process, but I would like to know what the background of the name actually is before I cast my vote.

Royce Rules: Here's Why

Sadly this info is hard to find but here is a great history of Dupont/Royce.

I chose Royce because...

1. One word names are easy to adopt, remember, spell, and use in any context

2. Historical importance, it wasn't just rail that build this area

3. Historical importance, Royce name is still to be found in the area

4. Royce is not connected to anything else in the city, it is unique to us and will stand out on a map

5. Secondary meanings are positive- ie Rolls Royce, Royce Chocolate

6. Graphically is easy to communicate and stylize

7. It is not about shape.

8. It has none of the empty platitude descriptors that are best left on greeting cards such as "crossing" and "Harmony"

9. It doesn't mean anything, it is a canvas that is yet to be written

10. It is so unique that it will finally separate us from every well meaning mouthful of "something something triangle", "east or south something something", or City inspired "Wallace-Dovercourt-Emerson-Perth- Triangle- Octagon" name.


Royce was also the name of Dupont before it stretched all the way to Avenue Road and before it connected to Annette.

Kevin P. The Star quotes you saying you lived in the hood 6 year

Kevin, The article in The Star quotes you living in the Junction Triangle for about 6 years, how come it took you so long to speak up. You have been with FB since May 2009, and you lived here about 6 years before that. I don't understand, if it was so Fuzzy for you now, how did you manage and how come you never spoke up before about the name JT. I received many emails asking me that very question. So I ask you, WHY?????

"Royce" and "rice" sound similar

I worry that it sounds a bit too much like "rice" when pronounced out loud. (I used to teach ESL.)

Reasons to vote for "Black Oak Triangle"

1. Because it is local. The name of our type of ecosystem is Black Oak Savannah.
2. Trees are nice. The Black Oak is a creative and resilient tree which adapts quickly to changing circumstances.
3. Oak leaves and triangles are fun to draw. We can say Black Oak Triangle using only drawings.
4. Black Oak Triangle is a simple name. It is easy to pronounce, not hard to remember.
5. It's fuzzy. While the area bounded by the tracks is triangular, the shape of an oak leaf is irregular. If you come to school or work in the area you likely feel like you are part of the neighbourhood. Even if you don't live within the triangle itself, you can be part of Black Oak Triangle.
6. Sometimes you get more of what you name. Wouldn't you like more black oak trees? And more ongoing attention placed on a healthy ecosystem for our area, now and in the future?

Tree Names are too generic

I like trees but I would suspect that one would be more likely to think of Norway Maples than Black Oak when thinking about the area. Sad that those Norway Maples were not right for this climate and are being lost at a rapid rate. Still I would not want to call the area Norway Maple as it could be anywhere.

I would second the poster that said Black Oak is generic. Its kind of like calling our area Southern Ontario because that's where the Black Oak Savannah was/is (and there is not much left). Then adding "triangle" to it just bad form; too many words.

Regardless of how great black oak may be our culture generally assigns a negative connotation to things that have "black" as a descriptor. "Black Oak" is the name of a cemetery at the edge of town or the lodge where the recluse lives or the nursing home with the mysterious deaths. I think 5 or 6 of the Nancy Drew books have Black in the title! Black Oak, unfairly, just sounds bad.

I like trees but I just don't see any connection to our area and only see a potential negative association.

Black is beautiful

It's not fair to say that black assigns a negative connotation. Please remember that colour associations vary from culture to culture.
To quote editor Diana Vreeland, "Pink is the navy blue of India."

Here in Toronto, black is a colour favoured by artists, designers architects, and oddly enough, colour experts.

In the packaged food section of the grocery, black is used to denote luxury brands. Does anyone else remember the stylish Black Label beer campaign from the 80s?

Cooper's Crossing

Rene Adams sent a message using the contact form at

I am resident of the Davenport & Symington area. Having researched the community history in relation to the 190th anniversary of Davenport Perth Community Church in 2008, I vote for the name Cooper's Crossing.

Forgotten Spots

Leslie Macleod sent a message using the contact form at
I feel for the people who consider their triangle the main hood, but I'm on Davenport btwn duff and lansdowne so i fall into the green official boundary map and i think we're all in the same "no name" category. It's all industrial ish, all gritty, all kinds of people. I hope the name reflects our industrial and railway character. I think that's more important than our shape! Before this i lived at ossington/dav on a tiny dead end court just north of the tracks. I'm always living in these areas on the boundaries of 3 voting ridings!!! And no name!
Thanks for this idea but i hope u don't make it too popular. I love our forgotten spots :)

forgotten spots

I too love our "forgotten spots." Someone posted earlier that the neighbourhood feels like a cozy little secret. Others might call it neglected by politicians etc., but that seems like a victim mentality. This is a GREAT neighbourhood. I think the most important thing is for the name to mean something for the people who live here.

The Centre of the Universe

This neighbourhood/area/community/unnamed catchment area has never felt forgotten or abandoned to me. It has always been the Centre of the Universe.

Linguistic determinism is dumb

What's in a name? That which we call Royce/South Junction Triangle/Centre of the Universe/" " by any other name would smell as sweet.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Rationale

Pascale Crane sent a message using the contact form at
"Sorry, I could not submit a name for the neighbourhood earlier due to my mum's funeral."

"Please consider my choice The Bermuda our neighbourhood forms kind of a triangle in-between different neighbourhoods and is so "isolated" and "ignored" by Torontonians...with a name like this, it will get famous!!!"

Pascale, we are all sorry to hear about your mum. Our condolences. Thanks for making the effort under difficult circumstances to contribute an idea that would definitely attract some attention to the neighbourhood.

Bermuda Triangle Rational

We can't blame Torontonians for the wows of this neighbourhood. There are many needy communities just like ours in Toronto. If you are going to blame, blame our elected officals. I seen this over the years, 30 yrs to be exact. This is how I got into this to begin with, absent politicians. This ward has been a stepping stone for many politicians, past and present to move on in their career. Most of them are no names when they start, then they get a little fame and puff they are gone.

I remember Brett speaking up about this aprticular issue at one of the all candidates debate couple of years back. They start off caring and then it's all about them. We seen this with Mario Silva and now with Adam Giambrone.

One thing I am certain and I heard this from many people,residents,other politician and police say that the only reason ward 18 has changed for the better, it's because of the residents involvment and committment.


I moved here in Aug and I'm really impressed with the community here. I haven't heard of such a grass roots naming process in the city. Along with the paper that The Stop puts out, I immediately felt like I was entering a part of Toronto that was really trying to keep an old school neighborhood feeling. Thanks "Railtown" or "WestEdge" and thanks Fuzzy Boundaries! :D

Awesome Town

My vote is for Awesome Town. I think that any name referencing the Junction or Roncesvalles or Bloor West Village is a cop-out. It makes you think of those neighbourhoods instead of ours.

awesome town or rail town

sounds like something that will date quickly, but i like your reasoning. What about Rail Town?

Awesome town

How will Awesome Town date quickly exactly? Last time I checked, Awesome has been a word in the dictionary for hundreds of years now. Any variation of the word Awesome is what I suggest.

awe⋅some  [aw-suhm]
Use awesome in a Sentence
See images of awesome
1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2. showing or characterized by awe.
3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

1590–1600; awe + -some 1

I'm all about making our area a place that is proactive, positive and where our children can be proud to grow up in. Also, I think we should encourage people and businesses to move here to help us grow into a more up and coming neighbourhood. No offence but, Railtown just sounds like we live near railroad tracks.



Yes, sure it's an old world. But it still conjures up "dude" for me and "totally." But I love the idea of a name that sounds positive, proactive and proud....

Awesome Town

I think it's time to put these old word associated stereotypes to rest "dude". Let's make Awesome take new meaning. A positive meaning. I really don't want to live in a place with a boring name. Awesome is pretty self explanatory.


Sean Trohak sent a message using the contact form at I always seem to miss these public forums. I would like to enter (if it's not too late) the name Cooperville as option for our neighborhood. The reason is simply the fact that in 1852 Cooper St. was the name of the street now known as Symington. Thanks.

cooperville and ethelville

Interesting! I was at the local library the other day, flipping through a book about the Junction and area, and saw an old map with Dupont Street labeled as Ethel. Seems it predated the Royce name. Ethelville?? Ethel Triangle?

the villager

Nice article about the vote and the last meeting in The Villager today.

Villager Mistake

It is a nice article, however, the writer mistakenly added in the last sentence that there will be a panel in the voting process. There will be NO panel in the voting process -- all residents, all the time.

Villager - Online Story Written Before Process Was Changed

That must be the on-line version you're reading Irmina. It was written and posted before the change in the voting process was made. Today's print edition has been updated.

Thank You Perth Avenue Public School!!

A great big hug and thank you goes out to the students and teachers of Perth Avenue Public School, along with Carla for encouraging and participating in the community name voting process!

It's wonderful to see the next generation of residents eager to work together. We have a lot to learn from the children. :-)

kids and names

This sure will keep things interesting. Kids often have a surprising perspective. My six-year-old intends to vote for "No Diesel Trains Neighbourhood" but it may not go over well with those who found South Junction Triangle cumbersome. NoDiTraNei anyone?

Call-Out for Volunteers

If you feel like participating and seeing this project to completion, please contact us.

Thank you to the many others who have shown their support throughout the year. We need your voices heard.

Many hands make light work.

I will do this block

I will cover off knocking on doors Perth between Wallace and Ernest Avenue.


Hey Scott, thanks for offering to canvas the block between Wallace and Ernest on Perth Avenue. The gesture is much appreciated.

Good Point

Good point Irmina. It would be an oversight to forget to say thanks to Carmen and everyone at the Perth/Dupont Library who have been so supportive of the project from Day One - the photo exhibit by our over-worked web guy Vic, the name suggestion box, hosting our Fuzzy film night and now providing a polling station - they display a level of community spirit that is just so great!

Thank You Yasi!

Just a word of special thanks to Yasi of Yasi's Cafe fame. If you like a latte with your name ballot, the southeast corner of Campbell and Wallace is the place to go. Yasi has ballots and a ballot box for anyone who would like to vote to select the Top Ten area names from the list of 230 name ideas suggested by residents since May. Write-in names are also welcome. Thanks a lot Yasi!

spreading the word

Many of you may have noticed the VOTE NOW signs popping up in the neighbourhood. The bright yellow signs in the dreary landscape should be a great reminder that there is a vote going on. We still have some left -- please get in touch through the Contact Us link at left if you would like one for your property. It's an easy way to do your bit and help spread the word!

Lawn Signs

Just to follow up on Kristin's post, we have a limited number of lawn signs available. You could help advance the project a lot just by posting a sign on your front porch. The signs work 24/7 and are a great way of building awareness with friends and neighbours who might not know about the voting process. You can just drop us a line with your name and address at and we will come by and post a sign for you.
Many thanks!

The naming process

I had some reservations about Fuzzy's previous naming/voting process but having just read the new guidelines I am quite comfortable with the revisions. I think the process is now as fair and democratic as possible. I would like to thank the Fuzzy members (all volunteers!) for their hard work and due diligence. I'm looking forward to seeing the short list at the end of the month.

name calling vs name finding

Take a deep breath, everyone! We want this naming project to be a uniting one for our neighbourhood, not one that causes more animosity. Please watch the site for new details about the process coming soon. Cast your vote, and help spread the word to get as many participants as possible!


Just wondering what happened to having the top 10 names for people to choose from??? I thought there was going to be a narrowed down list, was I mistaken?? I've looked on the website and I can't find one... Also, I have a ballot box at the cafe (yasis place 299 wallace ave) that bruce brought me (thanks bruce!) but i want to post the top 10 names before I put it out because the list is way too long and daunting... can someone please fill me in here. Thanks!!

yasi :)

top ten names

Hello Yasi,
The top ten names will be posted at the END of the voting period. Right now, people can vote for any name they like, whether it's on the list or not -- Warren's list gives you a shorter version to work from, but any name can be voted for at this point. See the naming process link at left for more details. Also, there will be new info posted very soon about the panel. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

approximate answer...

We can't really say the top 10 before people vote of course, but from the meeting you can legitimately say the following names had the most initial support. At this point people should vote with their heart. If you like the name 'Redemption' you should vote for it. But these names were publicly nominated and received support as being acceptable.

Black Oak Triangle


Junction Triangle
Perth Park
Perth Square
Symington Triangle
Symington Wedge
The Triangle
Wallace Crossing


my vote is for Junction Triangle


It will be SO interesting to see the outcome on this name, which some people are so set on and others so against. Very intriguing! Fuzzy Resident, I just want to be sure that you clicked the Vote Now link and voted that way, and are not voting through this comment page?

You forgot Awesome Town. I

You forgot Awesome Town. I think that should be number 1 on your list.