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What do you call our neighbourhood? How do others in the city refer to it? What is your preference for an "official" neighbourhood name, and why? This is the spot to leave your answers to these and any other questions that come to mind about names for our community. Check back regularly to see if others have posted opinions about your suggestions, and feel free to post your thoughts about theirs. Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood, a seasoned resident, or somewhere in between, your ideas count.

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The FuzzyBoundaries name discussion was held on 20100114.
There was a good turnout (although I didn't actually count the exact number.)
Members of the community nominated and pitched several names and gave a general indication of their support for different ideas.
One topic was name components like Park, Triangle, and Crossing. In each case the reasoning was similar: people who differed on the use the word triangle or crossing would each want to use a word they felt was most inclusive. Triangle seemed resonate as a gesture respecting the historic identity of the community.
Other people may have been more rigorous in counting hands, but I did try to come up with a system that would be a consistent reflection of the nomination and general support for the names that were discussed:

Strong Support:
Black Oak Triangle

Good Support:

Junction Triangle
Perth Park
Perth Square
Symington Triangle
Symington Wedge
The Triangle
Wallace Crossing

Moderate Support:
Harmony Crossing
Shedden Park
South Junction Triangle
Wallace Triangle

Carleton Village
Film District
Fuzzy Triangle
Railside Park
The Spike
West Nook

Another interesting point was made about how the use of a direction in the name has limited meaning - we are west of some things, but east of others. Simple strong words are preferred. The names of the streets Perth, Symington, and Wallace were discussed. We don't want to favour the residents of a particular street, but these names are strong identifiers. Symington and Wallace extend outside the community but of course Kingston road extends outside of Kingston too. The importance of finding a name distinct from those of other communities was another well made point.

no street names please

I feel strongly that street names should NOT be included in the neighbourhood name. Streets are named after neighbourhoods, not the other way around. Besides, it is not inclusive towards people who do not happen to live near a street in question.

The name cannot be generic - It has to have a sense of place. As such, Black Oak Triangle is not a suitable name, because it could be located anywhere. The neighbourhood has a strong association with railroads and industry, so it has to be reflected in the name.

Nook and Wedge are fun names, but they do not have any historic sense and are not tied to any local landmark.

Park does not appear to be a good name component, because the neighbourhood is not centered on, neither includes a prominent park (and it would be ironic, since it is one of the least treed neighbourhoods in the whole city).

Triangle is a good name component, but it needs to be defined further. We would like to capitalize on strong name recognition of the Junction, so Junction Triangle is a good name.

It is a mistake to think that East or West are not valid identifiers. They are, as long as they are tied to an existing neighbourhood or landmark. So Junction East is a perfectly valid name (and a good one, for the reason stated above.)

Railpath or Railtown are also good names, similar to, but distinct from the Junction.

Historic names like Shedden are good, but they do not have strong name recognition elsewhere in the city.

Good Points

Peter. Excellent points. I like Royce for the reasons you state.

Street Names Discussion Cont'd

I would like to point out that many Toronto neighbourhoods are named after streets, for example
Agincourt; Morningside; Markland Wood; The Westway; Pape Village; East Danforth; Leslieville; Swansea; Kensington Market; Harbord Village; Queen Street West; Baby Point; Weston. These were all from a Toronto website.

Although I am not sure of their origin, I am doubtful that they named the area before the street was named. Ie. I lived in Roncesvalles long before it became Roncesvalles Village.

I personally think using a street name helps give people a sense of where it is without knowing exact boundaries and using a decently well known street in the neighbourhood makes sense to me.


Sorry,I decided not to particiapte in the naming campaign





Since Fuzzy Boundaries is an informal neighbourhood group and is not affiliated with the City of Toronto in any way, it is not within my power to dictate to them what they should do. I do however encourage them to consider the concerns you and others have raised and think about how their process can be as inclusive and fair as possible. I hope that members of the community can continue to have a civil dialogue and try to resolve this matter amicably.

All the best,


Adam Giambrone
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18 Davenport
Chair, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Toronto City Hall, Suite C42
100 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 2N2

(416) 392-7012

Jack, you make me smile

Here is a great opportunity to show you can work with people. I read Adam Giambrone's letter in its entirety, and saw that he showed real enthusiasm for what we have going on here. The neighbourhood knows about this project and has done so for ages. You don't need a computer to participate or to be aware of it. You only need eyes and ears and neighbours. What a shame that you are so set on divisions.

Here's the rest of Adam's letter that you left out of your last post:


I think it's great that so many local residents have taken an interest in the Fuzzy Boundaries group and in discussing the history and identity of the neighbourhood. I certainly support a fair process that allows every resident who wants to get involved to do so, whether through a vote or by other means.

As I've told you several times before, the City of Toronto does not have any formal process for naming neighbourhoods (the only exception is for naming Business Improvement Areas, which doesn't apply in this case). In Toronto, neighbourhood names have for the most part evolved organically over time based on the collective experience of the people who live in them. Regardless of the outcome of the Fuzzy Boundaries process, I expect that whatever name most people in the neighbourhood choose to call it, whether the Junction Triangle or something else, will be the name that is most commonly accepted and recognized by most people.

Correcting some of your points


Before posting messages like this, please make sure you have the facts straight. We know you have never liked this project, and of course anyone is allowed to give feedback and criticisms, but please make sure your facts are correct.

You said, "WE ARE NOT ALLOWING THE RESIDENTS TO CHOOSE, BUT RATHER ASKING THEM FOR THEIR SUGGESTIONS FROM AN EXISTED LIST OF NAMES THAT WERE PRECHOOSEN." That is absolutely NOT true. I tried to explain this in an earlier reply to you, but I guess you missed it. The names on the list are suggestions that local residents have made. During the current vote, residents can vote for ANY name they want, whether it's on the list or not. The final vote will have local residents choose from a shorter list of the most popular names that were already voted upon by local residents in the first round.

You said, "WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IF THOSE WHO CHOSE THESE NAMES WERE EVEN RESIDENTS." We know who the votes are coming from, and non-resident ballots can be discarded. If you check the Naming Process page, it says, "The second ballot requires that you include your name, address, phone number and postal code to insure each participant votes fairly (information collected will be kept confidential in compliance with Canada's privacy laws)."

As a volunteer group, we have used many hours of our limited free time working on this project. We have direct-mailed every residence in the neighbourhood several times, held public meetings, had a presence at various local events, posted signs around the neighbourhood, had extensive media coverage on the radio, television, newspapers, and major websites (minor websites too), and more. Of course there are gaps to fill, but volunteers are needed to fill them. We continue to work hard making this happen, but lately much of our time has been spent deflecting criticism instead.

If anyone wants to help us with any aspect of this project, please step forward and contact us. We have many things that we could use help with.

Criticism is OK, but speaking from a personal point of view, from now on I will pay much more attention to ideas and volunteers, rather than just endless critique.

Responding to Kevin and clairifing

Kevin, I was merely pointing out why I did not want to particiapting with fuzzy boundaries. And yes, I was using facts. I took my points from what I read in the papers and in the fuzzy boundaries past blogs.

For example:
-The name WEDGE has been popular from day one, way before the residents had a chance to vote on it. See dates: blog on Sept 15, 09 comments made by Jane on how much she like the name wedge. Also on sept 16, 09 reference made about the name wedge and other blogs. The name wedge was popular way before it made the top Ten. This is what I meant by been influenced or predetermed.

I also made reference to how important it was to reach all residents in the community and this did not happen in this case with fuzzy boundaries naming process. Reference to door to door knocking or reach out to the community was mentioned in past blogs. This was mentioned by IRMINA. Irmina wrote something on June 9,2009 she had the right idea and new how important it was to reach out to everyone.

Also their was some mention about the community demographics and the different languages on May 13, 2009 and also on Sept 15, 2009 by different people or blogs.

Like I said to Christopher from THE TOWNCRIER paper when he was asking me for my input. I told him, I supported the name changing idea, not for the reasons or way Kevin explained. I said, if that is what the majority of residents felt and wanted then I will support that.

At first no, I didn't support the name change. As we already had a name, not only didn't I support it, others as well. We were more interested in promoting the current name the, Junction Triangle instead and with the new Residents Association we were more interested in making changes with in and taking care of the important issues effecting our community. Many of us felt naming the community was only cosmetic. Jack


In fairness to FB I work in the media and have had the tough task of promoting community events and my own films in what is a crowded marketplace. These days anybody who does not hire a PR agent is wasting their time.

But I have seen few projects generate as much media attention in print and radio and TV as this has. That's on top of multiple mailings to every address in the area by Canada Post, and other card drops on cars, in local businesses, signs, meetings and good old word of mouth. The publicity for this project has exceeded what I have paid others to do on my projects. That's impressive.

In my professional experience there will always be people who don't find out about things for all sorts of reasons. Even the Census misses people. There are people who are not even aware of elections. FB has outdone the level of notice that the City gives for a poll, Committee of Adjustment, or zoning meetings by thirty fold. FB is probably one of the most publicized initiatives in this areas history.

You have complaints and that is great and you have always been welcome to post your complaints (as have I) but on this specific issue of publicizing the FB initiative your impression is the opposite of reality. If you know people who are still unaware then I hope you have passed info onto them.

Residents will pick names

You are mistaken. Read the process again. It has always been the residents that chose the list of names.

street names etc.

I'm in agreement about street names -- I don't think using one is the best idea. And re Nook and Wedge, they are fun, but don't have a lasting quality about them. I don't like Railpath because we have one already, but Railtown might be okay.... Or Railside. Junction East I'm not at all a fan of; it would just muddy the waters more. Though I still have a soft spot for Junction Triangle. Nice to be getting the discussion back on track.

A Democratic Proposal

A Democratic Proposal

I too would like to propose a simple, fair, and transparent voting process that can take over from where FB is now; making good on the good work that FB has done so far, but ensuring that the community actually get to directly vote on a name. The current process, of which the jury part is still unknown to the community, is not a democratic voting process but that doesn’t mean a fair naming process cant happen this year. It will take some more work but doing the right thing always does.

1.The current nomination process should be scrapped. Fuzzy Boundaries continues but FB will need help and a call for volunteers will have to go out and some people who don’t agree are going to have to get along to make this process as inclusive as FB says it wants to be, and as its critics say they want it to be. Bitching stops, hard work begins.

2. An expert in votes and plebiscites (probably from U of T) joins the process to iron out the details according to standard democratic procedure. All details will be hammered out with the aid of the Councilor and all details will be posted online in ADVANCE of any nomination or voting. Our expert will be available should any other kinks be detected. The over-riding governing principal will be: how do we make sure that as many residents as possible have the opportunity to nominate and then vote. Any meeting will have minutes taken that are publicly available.

3. A series of new nomination ballots be distributed using the help of the Councilor.

--each ballot requires a name and address and phone number to be considered valid. The ballot will have a link to an information privacy statement posted on the FB site, and have disclaimer that no personal information will be private and not used for any other purpose.

--Each ballot asks for 3 choices in order of preference; a far superior system of reaching a consensus view of a community opinion than the standard “first past the post system”.

-- An online ballot version with the same rules is available

--The nominations are added up using the standard “weighted” system and made public

4. A further meeting is held in September that may include experts, politicians, in addition to the residents. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the results, advocate in a fun way for choices, to vote out any names that are offensive, intended as a joke, or counter to naming. As well this meeting would serve as a pep rally for volunteers to publicize the later vote including activities like:

-- actual volunteers going door to door to talk with neighbours on their block until EVERY single block has been contacted directly

-- posters and flyer drop offs in stores and local community gathering places, aided by the Councillor

-- a drive for volunteers to staff the election

5. A Real Vote

It is logical to take advantage of the existing fall election to provide opportunity for as many people as possible to vote on a name. The drama of an existing election campaign will create additional interest in the naming vote and possibly draw local candidates into the debate.

-- A series of voting stations are setup in existing polling stations in our naming area.

--Each completed ballot requires a name and address and phone number to be considered valid. The ballot will have a link to a information privacy statement posted on the FB site, and have disclaimer that no personal information will be private and not used for any other purpose.

--Ballots contain the 5 most popular valid names from the nomination. This ballot, and the names, will already have been displayed on the website.

--Voters select 3 of the 5 in order of preference, again for a more consensual result. The results are weighted according to these preferences just like many other votes and plebiscites.

--Ballots will remain uncounted until the voting is over. Results would be known on election night and publicized.

--The winner is announced

The bottom line with this plan is that all the good work of FB would be recognized AND everybody could feel good that residents actually hand a direct hand in the vote naming the community they live in. I recognize that under no process will 100% of people vote and that there will be some people unhappy no matter what happens. But I don’t want to take the easy route out by using the “well most people don’t care” excuse. I don’t want to feel that some residents had more of a say than others and that the majority had no say at all. I would rather live by the choice of my fellow residents than some un-named jury entirely sponsored by the Real Estate industry. I frankly don’t want to hear bitching about the process/name for the next 30 years because we didn’t try to make this process as democratic as it should be.

A year ago Fuzzy Boundaries said “We are not out to name the neighbourhood ourselves, but to inspire the community to choose a name...”

A direct vote process like this makes it so. Or somebody else’s direct vote plan makes it so. Why would anybody be against letting the community decide?

Does anybody else out there have any ideas to make this process democratic ?

Thanks for the Input Scott

Thank you for your very detailed input Scott. I am honestly getting fuzzed out and reading your long list of suggestions, my question is who will want to take your suggestions and make them happen? I am seriously thinking that I've done my fair share thus far and will be very happy to let others take over and run with your suggestions?

Will you be willing to do the extra work for make your list of suggestions happen more "democratically" if you feel the current process is so unfair? As you say, more volunteers are needed.

Getting fuzzed out.

Maybe this is a better idea


My proposal was just a feeler and by no means a perfect plan. And of course its a lot of work. My intent was to try and move the yardsticks and see if anybody else has any ideas about making this process better.

As somebody who ran a large community festival for 3 years I understand how tiring this stuff is and everybody is a critic, in this case I am the critic. So thank you and the FB folk for all the time you have invested.

1.What if you just extended the nomination a week so we can all send extra emails out to get as many names nominated and as many involved.

2.Announce the panel who will reduce the names to a workable 3 top names (they would exclude any name that there is legal issues with or is a joke name or is unworkable (like 78 letters long) based on their experience, and of course there would be locals on the panel too.

3. Then have a community vote, in order of preference, on those 3 names. The names use a weighted system and a winner is announced. This vote happens in March the same way the nominations are happening right now. You add in some help from the councilor to distribute and publicize the second vote and you ask for volunteers to "talk to their block" to get people out for the vote.

This is the simplest version I can think of where residents will actually pick the name.

In this simple version you have have improved the vote and possibly the numbers of voters without scrapping any of the work done to date.If FB could bend in this direction Naomi and I would be the first to commit to canvassing our block for a second vote and to sit on a volunteer committee to make sure that every block gets canvassed.

This suggestion might reduce the fuzzing.

*Speaking only for myself*

I like the idea of supporting three names on the ballot.
I wish you would have brought these concerns to the meeting, as we did have a discussion of the process. All people were encouraged to speak their mind including disagreements. I think by encouraging people to disagree, everybody could feel their voice was heard without getting frustrated. I think it is inappropriate to suggest the process in unfair. We have in fact contacted experts. We have worked with the councilor. We are accepting both physical and on line ballots. In practical terms your proposals are close to what has been done and the differences are generally in the realm of things upon which reasonable people might disagree.

The jury issue is simply a matter of asking a few people arbitrate a reasonable conclusion particularly in the case something silly comes up. Do you remember the NASA poll last year to name a space station module where comedian Stephen Colbert got the most votes? Some religious group was also trying to get some publicity. The jury is not a conspiracy, it's just a reality check.

In this process I have made errors. I don't think there have been many errors of going in the wrong direction, generally its a matter of balance. What is the best way to get everyone involved. I think if we extend the process people will get less interested not more. I think it would be better to invest time into improving the tools of communicating within the community.

But that is just my opinion.

fairness and perspective

I think the process sounds fair though might need some tweaking. The process Scott D suggested is a huge undertaking and seems like the wrong way to go. As a community we should save such energy for bigger things, like the diesel electric controversy.

I am not scared to let my community vote

I haven mentioned most of my concerns for about a year but nobody listened. I emailed FB members, I talked with them.

If people cant vote directly on the name of their community, then they have no say in the name of their community. There is no logical way around this point. You either appoint a name, or you vote for a name. I am not scared to let my community vote and I am scred to say lets take a break and improve this process. Its never the end of the world to make something more democratic.

My proposal is way different that the current "process". Mine is democratic.

I appreciate your honesty Warren and I know first hand you care about the community.

I think I missed something.

I don't think fear of community voting is a factor. So there must be something I'm missing.
There has been some discussions about the times when democracy works better than others. There is a famous case of a legislature coming within one vote of regulating the mathematical constant pi. And then there was the argument to save energy by lowering the boiling point of water. More seriously there is the creationist museum. But the name issue is a great place for democracy. Do you think somebody fears the world would end if things were democratic? I have not seen anything like this.

The list of nominations I posted was a summary of the nominations made by community members. None of them were mine. I was not trying to promote my own ideas with pretend support. People who showed up should see their own ideas reflected (albeit imperfectly.)
Like you suggested, I encouraged people to support several ideas so we did not create an artificial first past the post distortion.

I have not seen people 'scared of community voting', what am I missing?

nominate then vote

My simplified process in response to Irmina shows how everybody can have a chance to nominate, and then vote on a name while still using a panel for guidance (to safeguard unworkable names). AND it avoids the "first past" issue too. I think this is an improvement that wont delay things very much.

"my simplified process"

sounds a lot like something some fuzzy members have discussed already. It's a far cry from your last grandiose post, and certainly more doable.

unus homo nobis cunctando restituit rem

Its a Quintus Fabius Maximus kind of thing.

Favadobson method for dummies

Chapter One
Ignore community members who have already meet and discussed the topic.
Chapter Two
Scream over their heads lies about your neighbours.
Chapter Three
Make useless demands and paint a bizarrely grandiose image of yourself.
Chapter Four
Call the Sun or any other media who haven’t blocked your number. Invite them to a vigil.
Chapter Five
Run around taking as much credit for other peoples work as you can.

It doesn’t make you a singular hero of democracy, just a delusional lunatic.

I dont call people names

I am not Jack Fava. I have my own ideas and a proven community track record. I have never called the Sun in my life and I hate vigils. I dont call people names. FYI the whole idea of Fuzzy Boundaries was hatched in my living room. Cheers.

Wait to hear about the new process

Looking forward to hearing what the new details are, before I respond. The only one I would agree with you scott is, I also hate vigils. I don't think anyone wants to do a vigil, but you know, when you loose a child to murder or some other tragedy, a vigil is a little bit a healing for the family, friends and neighbour. It helped when my niece got killed

I don't think that the old

I don't think that the old process was bad. I believe it was quite democratic. We had flyers and postcards in the mail. I was aware of all the meetings. So were my neighbours. While I didn't attend because I have a new born, I came to this site, entered the discussion from time to time and voted on a name. My feeling is lots of people in this community did the same. We should let the process run it's course. The folks who put FB together are a thoughtful group and came up with a strategy. I think it's working just fine.

thank you

for your support and your confidence in us.

Not clear on a couple of things

Regarding the updated voting process. It was great to hear that the panel idea was scraped and that the residents will finally get to chose their own community name.

What I am not clear on is:

1)Will there be a door-to-door canvass to inform the residents about the naming of the community.

2)Why is the voting been done in two stages?

Lastly, why are we asking the residents to choose from a list of names?

I believe this will only influence the residents vote. I don't find this to be a free vote, when they have to choose from a list of names. Jack

One more point...

Just to clarify one more thing that Kevin missed. The first round of voting (now!) is not limited to the names on the list. Those are nominations / suggestions that came in over the last few months. But new names were brought up at the meeting, and are likely showing up in the ballot boxes too.

At this point, anyone can vote for any name they want. It's a write-in ballot.

Since there are well over 200 names being discussed, the second round will help focus the votes onto the most popular names.

Hope that helps.


Your Questions

We welcome anyone who wants to help spread information about the naming project to join in Jack. If you want to canvas door-to-door, that would be great.
Voting is done in two stages to narrow the list of 230 name suggestions from residents down to a more manageable list of ten options. Then residents have a chance to consider those ten possible names before making a final selection.

Kevin Putnam

Residents pick

The democracy part is about who actually picks the name, A panel or us. Having us residents, including those that nominated names that did not make the final cut, pick, means that the community is involved in the process right to the end.

Let's Play Nice!

Discussions here and on the South Junction web site often prompt heated responses and some unfortunate replies. While I may not always agree with Scott and rarely with Jack, I think it would be great if we just kept the heated rhetoric in check. One terse reply always leads to another and eventually turns people away who just don't appreciate all the anger. This forum and the South Junction site are virtual community sandboxes, let's play nice!

Kevin Putnam

Fuzzy Thoughts

I agree with Jack. Don't know the guy but let the people decide. A task force to assign neighbourhood names? Sounds lame to me...

If we wanted a committee to find a name, why wouldn't we just have a raffle and put all of the names in a box.

Some of the names on the list are great. Some suck. But at least if we (residents - I live on Wallace) had the chance to vote than at least we would be stuck with the name that was voted on.

What makes a person an expert in this case?

Could I be an expert? Are the city by law officials the experts?

It sounds like the group has a pickle on their hands.

Bring it to the people again.

Don't make this Adam's decision.

Make it ours!


Thanks Malcolm

Thank you for seeing my point Malcolm. If this group can just see pass their ideolgy and stop taken it as a personal attack, they might see that their so called process of naming the community is not fair or democractic. A community belongs to the community and so does naming it. I have no problem with the group coming together and meeting others and doing something for the community. But to say that Fuzzy Boundaries or a panel has ownership of the community or the name is delusional. I did some crazy things in this community, for the sack of our neighbourhood. But never to mislead the residents. I also think Castlepoint had no idea until last night what the scope of this issue is. I am hoping that this vote will be scraped and start all over again and doing it right. Jack

tonight's [14 Jan., 2010] meeting

If tonight's crowd producing such an enjoyable considerate, informative, creative, and productive meeting are an indication of the neighbourhood residents,

i think we need a "really good" name!

Time to vote!!

Jan. 14 Meeting: enjoyable

Yes, BoGoWo, the meeting was enjoyable because the people who showed up were very respectful of each other's opinions. What impressed me the most was that when there were disagreements, no one took things personally and no one made personal attacks toward each other. People actually found the humour with their disagreements. There were lots of laughs and congeniality.

I can't wait for the new townhomes to built as well, because given most of the respectful comments on the Brownstone discussion board at the SJWS, a neighbourhood filled with graciousness for each other will go a long way in creating an emotionally healthy community to live in.

I encourage people to vote for a name they would like to see in the final list of names and have fun with the process. Because in the end, I thought the most important thing that evolved from this project were people looking around themselves and asking the question "What makes a community?"

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Also, on the SJWS, please check the "Family News" forum for recipes and events around our area.


This is more then a few people at a meeting

Irmina, No one is critizing your meetings or disagreeing with people getting together with one anothers, that's great. The idea was great until the end. My concern is about the process of renaming the community. I don't believe that a hand full of people should decide or speak for the whole community on naming of the community. The community belongs to the people(residents). This is not an election for a community group or a BIA or RA, this about naming a neighbourhood, all residents having should have a say and a voice to this. They alone should have the last say, whatever they decide, we must except that. This is the way it's done in a democratic society. We hear and see this style of voting process in corrupt country's, we are a little better then that. I have already sent my concerns to Adam's office, to put a stop to this smoke screen process.I am hoping Adam will do something, if not I will follow up with others in the City level. I am very disappointed that many of you don't see that the process is unfair and undemocratic and you don't represent my interest or my family.

Freedom of Choice & Democracy

Jack, perhaps you could explain how your binding vote process would work? Who would be eligible to vote? What are the boundaries of the voting district? How would you ensure that the system was open and free from tampering/fraud? How can you be sure that everyone in the neighbourhood voted? Why is it necessary to force people to accept the outcome of your name election if not everyone votes, knows about the vote or could make it out to vote? Why can't residents be permited to organize a naming process that let's everyone make their own choice to accept the outcome or not? And who would pay to stage this binding vote that eliminated the right of residents to make their own decision?
It is easy to spout about democracy, but if you can't ensure these issues are addressed, isn't it your proposal closer to something like mob rule?
Kevin Putnam

Freedom of Choice & Democracy

Kevin, The route I would of went with would of been as such:

1) Try to sell your product. What is your objective??? I think your approach was little heavey handed, criticizing the current name JT and then expect residents to support you. People have history attached to the name and were little offended by your reason to change the current name to something eles.

2)What you didn't do was, you didn't reach all of the community. What you need to do instead of asking the residents to come to your meetings, is go to the residents and sell your idea.

For example, when we had a revot on the community garden few years back. We meaning, food share staff and residents, we went door to door, informing residents about what was going on, we had information written in the top 4 lanuages spoken in ward 18.

What you need to do is break up into smaller groups and pick a street and knock on each residence door and inform them about what you are trying to accomplish, except apartments, just leave the information at the managemnet office or ask if you can post it up.

Like Virginia said. You give each residence, home owner/home renters a card, like the one's some of us received in our mail boxes. This allows residents to vote and identifies then as residents. Obvious to vote you must be 16 yrs and over and must be a residents of the hood JT.

You already have the heplful naming hints to guide people. Just like in any election, voting is done in one day to cast their votes, if they can't make it on that day, they will be told and allowed to drop off their ballots at a agreed location. In a seild box somewhere safe, like the Library.

One important thing which is hard to do is be fair. Tell people the truth. Tell the residents that their is a current name, but you want to blah, blah, blah and tell them your sales pitch.

4)Finally, The winning name should be decided by residents and residents only. The most popular name wins. Regardless what the out come is, the residents have the last word. It will also be important to show that the city councillor is aware and supportive of your what you are trying to do. I have not seen anything other then what you said verbally about Adam G been in support of what you are trying to do. I have not seen anything in his Bulletins,News Letters or website about this.

It might be a good idea to have scrutinizers to make sure things are run fair. A politician from another ward or someone or group outside the ward making sure things are run fair. Thier role is only to make sure the process is run fair, honest and democratic. Jack

meeting and naming process

Well said, Irmina. I was also really impressed with people's ideas and enthusiasm at the meeting, and how respectful people were of each other's opinions. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the name-choosing process, and I really do think it's a fair one. People vote, the list gets narrowed down to ten names that are voted for most often, and then it goes to the jury to sort through them and decide from among those names the community has put forward. The jury will of course take into consideration that one of the ten names has oodles more support than the others, if indeed that happens. But they will also be able to avoid the possibility of the process being spoiled by, for instance, someone voting a hundred times for the same name. Hopefully people won't do that, but there are always those who don't follow the guidelines set out -- so the jury is extremely useful in this way. I think it's also important to stress that the majority of jury members will be from the community -- only two from outside, and those two will have some expertise in ideas around neighbourhoods. Also crucial for people to understand is that no Fuzzy Boundaries members will sit on the jury. We meant what we said when we stated we wanted to inspire the community to find a name rather than find one for them.



The Film District

Ben McPeek sent us a message using the contact form at Ben likes the name "The Film District."

Film District?

I am in the film biz and cant figure out why you would want to call this area the Film District.



A Concern regarding how the name will be choosen for the hood

The community news paper, NEIGHBOURS had an article which said "that the final name will be choosen by a panel of experts". As a resident of this community I find that concerning. If what the paper is saying to be true, this is a problem. The paper also wrote that the final decision is decided that way to avoid as Kevin said, names like"Pink Triangle" I personnally don't like the name, pink triangle. But we feel okay with it, if that is what the community choose and voted on, plus pink triangle is better then wedge.

Regardless what the name is, if that is what the majority of residents voted on, then that's the final decision, and we live with it.

This community knows first hand that sometimes politicians are elected, that we may or may not like, but are stuck with them. This is democracy. So the same should apply to this, the residents should choose the name, not a panel of experts, if the experts want to give their opinions, that's great. But at the end it's the residents of this community that decide. That is the only democratic way. Just like in any voting situation, the majority wins.

I seen the yellow signs around the neighbourhood, asking residents to vote and pick a name for their neighbourhood. We can't say one thing and then we turn around and do something eles. JF

Non-Binding Process

Jack, the process underway at the moment is designed to narrow the list of 220 suggested names down to the Top Ten Names by allowing everyone interested in participating to indicate their choice. A panel of five residents and two experts will then make a final selection from the names voted on.
This process has been outlined here on the site for months and discussed at public meetings which you chose not to attend.
Anyone who doesn't like the process or the name chosen is not obliged to accept it or bound by it. However, anyone who wants to participate and decides to adopt the name chosen is free to make that choice. A number of residents have decided to participate and indicated they will accept the final outcome. If that is not your choice, we will understand.


heres my ideas for the new name [cabbage patch kids] [tree huggers united] [fuzzy wassy a bear wasnt he [green acors or hecters] [the farmers ] [the welfare gang ] as for the peopl picking the name who are you kidding its already been picked ok just 1 more name how ABOUT ADAMS WANNA BEES

Contradiction on the process

Kevin, Me not participating in the meeting does not make me less of a resident or have less of a say then thgose who participated in your meetings, like many others(12-15,000) residents living in the junction triangle. The issue is the voting process. How can you say it's a free vote, asking residents to vote to name THEIR COMMUNITY, then say, well at the end the name will be decided by a choosen few. I emailed your and waited for your response and after not hearing back, I decided to let Adam's office know what is going on, as the City advised me do. I hope Adam will make sure this is done fairly. You said in previous comments in newspaper and media and blogs that Adam is in support of what you are doing. So it's Adam's responsibilty as the councillor of this ward and as a City offical, I hope will make sure that their is a free vote without strings attached.

Non-Binding Process

Sorry you do not like the process Jack, but we are trying to build a consensus and we believe that is best achieved by giving people a choice rather than force them to accept something.
The process has been created by a group of neighbourhood residents with participation from a large cross-section of the neighbourhood. Participation has been open to anyone wishing to join. This is the process agreed upon. If you don't approve, you are free to do your own thing. If you like Pink Triangle, no one is stopping/going to stop you from using the name. You have to respect that others have a right to determine a name and use it if that is their wish.

The residents are just suggestion a name rather then voting

So Kevin you have decided to speak on behalf for a community of about 12,000 plus, along with a chosen few will decide the name of the community, rather then allowing the residents to pick it on their own. In a democractic society the process allows people to elect and choose who they like or want. You don't make the final decision for them. I been avoiding fuzzy website, this is why I emailed your personal email at first, so it doesn't have to be a spectacle. I am just pointing out, what you are doing is wrong and maybe you should also consider changing those yellow signs on the street, telling residents that they are not picking a name, but rather suggesting a name. I have contacted Carmen and Adam's office and hope that residents will be allowed to pick whatever name they like. Then deal with the consequences of their choice or maybe the residents will surprise everyone and choose a name that is good for the community in which they live in. Rather then you doing it and a hand full of others..

Non-Binding Process

If you don't like the process, you are not obliged to accept the outcome (non-binding process). You rejected the project before it began, continuously maligned the efforts of residents who have volunteered their time and now you are trying to impose your will on a project that you have never participated in (long after the process has been agreed upon).
You are entitled to your opinion, but you'll just have to accept that all residents are entitled to their opinions and are free to make their own choices which includes participating in the Fuzzy Boundaries project. It is unfortunate that you have waited so long to bring your energy to the process when your contribution might have had a positive impact.