Round 1 Results: Statistics

January 15-29, 2010

267 Total Votes
45 Non-Resident Votes
222 Total Votes – Residents
5 Spoiled Ballots – Residents
217 Total Votes – Residents

78.8 % of residents who voted agreed to support the outcome of the process even if their choice was not selected by a majority of participants

70.5 % of residents who voted for Junction Triangle agreed to support the outcome of the process even if their choice was not selected by a majority of participants

Votes % of Vote Neighbourhood Name
34 15.6 Junction Triangle
10 4.6 South Junction Triangle
9 4.1 Railpath
7 3.2 East Junction
6 2.8 Railtown
6 2.8 Rail District
6 2.8 The Wedge
6 2.8 The Triangle
6 2.8 Black Oak Triangle
5 2.3 Perth Park

Dont let us become Wedgies

Please please please get rid of the wedge I dont want to be called a west end wedgie. I implore you :)


I have yet to decide on the name that I will choose but I have been leaning towards Perth Park. 1. There is a Perth Park to speak of. 2. The school (also named Perth) is right beside it. 3. The summer festival is called Perth Park Festival. With so many landmarks already with the name, why not? It also speaks to our past and our future ( the kids who play in the park and attend the school). Please consider naming our area something that represents us.

I just sent the voting

I just sent the voting information to my neighbours and implored them -- please, please, please not The Wedge!


I like the name Wedge. It's simple and distinctive.
I don't worry about the neighbourhood being taunted in the school yard. It'll do ok. Although your comments do remind me of Johny Cash's song 'the boy named Sue'. :-)

This is sort of like a branding exercise and I think the worst thing is a name that blends in too much.

I think we want to find a neighbourhood voice. To do that we need to be able to carry on real discussions. But we also need to stand out a little, and not simply be the unnoticed gray between Bloordale (what a dismal name they are stuck with) and High Park.

It's great you are talking to people. The more people who vote, the more we can demand the attention and maintenance that would be required to avoid giant sinkholes for instance.

Wedge on Garth!

The Wedge

I totally agree

The Wedge, is the type of catchy cool interesting & unique name our area needs, something that will stand out from the mundane, it brings historical to 21st century embracing the younger new gen. who are now calling this area home

we need to bridge both generations, but it's the next generation that we need to appeal to, Ive already voted & support naming us The Wedge 100% and hope others agree


lack of voters + accessibility for all

I am concerned that with over 8,000 people living in this neighbourhood that the tiny amount of votes here does not resound as a true voice for our fantastic community. Perhaps a paper vote done by going door to door would be more appropriate?

I live in the neighbourhood and voted but most of the people in my building (hundreds) did not. Not everyone has access to this site or the internet for that matter. The voting process (including the narrowing down to 10 names) should be accessible.

that's just my two cents

I own a design/print company and would be willing to assist in printing the appropriate papers to allow all residents to vote Door to Door.

Appreciate Your Help

Thanks for your comments Fuzzy Resident. We appreciate your offer to help and if you could send us an e-mail through the "Contact Us" link on the left-hand side of this page, one of us will follow up with you.

The 200+ voters is just about where we expected to be after the first round of voting in this naming project. We believe that number will grow significantly in the next round.

We don't think accessibility is the issue. According to Internet World Stats, Canadian households have a very high level of broadband internet access which was estimated to be at 84% in 2008. That number is lower in rural areas and higher in urban centres like Toronto. We also have made paper ballots and ballot boxes available at two locations in the neighbourhood and are adding a third for the next round.

Door to door ballots do not eliminate the extra step of returning the vote to a central location and that is why we are not using that approach. We feel that we would lose a significant number of votes simply because people will not return them and we would rather encourage people to vote online in one easy step.

As someone mentioned here the other day, Davenport has one of the lowest voter turnouts of any ward in the city. Only 9000 people voted in the last election in the entire ward which is significant when you consider how much is on the line in a municipal (or any) election.

We have made a lot of effort to publicize the project through direct mail to every single postal address in the neighbourhood three times over (10,000 pieces). We have distributed almost another five thousand pieces of promotional material through local business, car drops and the public library where we had a very visible photo exhibit (and project information) for the past 7 months. We have posted lawn signs around the neighbourhood and done a lot of community outreach including a series of three public meetings and attending other community events. In addition, we have received a significant amount of media coverage of the process. We have a number of measures planned for the next round including door-to-door canvassing.

And in the end, this is a non-binding process. We think if 3,4 or 5-hundred people participate in the next round and then start using the name, others might follow and the name will spread.

Kevin Putnam

Reasons for low voters turnout in Davenport

Four things that come to my mind, why this might be. Been an Immigrant of this great country and knowning many people in this deverse community. Also working for election Canada for many years. I seen it with my own eyes

1)Language problems
2)Literacy is big in Davenport,
3)Less of a voter turnout for the Municipal election because people associate candidates with a party.
4)They see the Municipal election less important.

All three levels of government of ward 18/davenport have failed these people. We need more free ESL classes. We also need to help our young people. Davenport has the highest high school drop out rate in the Province.

rates are low everywhere

I would add that turnout has been dropping all over and some suggest that is has to do with the FPTP voting process ( and others see mandatory voting as an answer (the issue being that people just don't bother.)

These two solutions have been getting a lot of traction plus online voting will be starting as a test by Elections Canada soon.