Round 1 Voting Results: Top 10 Names

For Immediate Release – Saturday, January 30, 2010

Media Advisory

West Toronto Community Votes for Top 10 Neighbourhood Names

Stage Set for Final Selection of Area Name

Who: Fuzzy Boundaries, a group of local residents spearheading a naming project in their West Toronto neighbourhood north of Roncesvalles and east of The Junction.

What: The conclusion of a two-week voting process from which the Top 10 Neighbourhood Names have been chosen by area residents. A second (and final) round of voting begins on March 1 to select a neighbourhood name in a preferential vote that will allow residents to rank their three favourite names in order. Residents can vote online at or in person at the Perth/Dupont location of the Toronto Public Library, Yasi’s Place and Nonna’s Place.

Top Ten Neighbourhood Names

  1. Junction Triangle
  2. South Junction Triangle
  3. East Junction
  4. Railpath
  5. Railtown
  6. Black Oak Triangle
  7. Rail District
  8. The Wedge
  9. The Triangle
  10. Perth Park

Why: Naming the neighbourhood gives us a collective identity – something to call our area as a whole – which in turn creates a sense of pride and ownership. Through this process people begin to see the potential of a united neighbourhood and become more aware of what the community means to them.