New Voting Process

We have listened to residents, and modified the name-finding process to address what we feel are valid concerns. You can read about this on our updated Naming Process page.

Revised Process Much Better

The timely response and revision to the process shows that FB can be responsive to reasonable concerns and for me these revisions turn a well meaning process into a better one where residents are going to carry it the whole distance. This has a nomination stage (which also helps inform and educate what people are thinking) and a preferential weighted voting stage that builds on stage one.

This revised process will lead to more community discussion and really give people a chance hone their ideas. Not everybody's nominated first choice is going to be popular but now one can still vote in stage two and have a say. Now one can say that residents picked (as was the case) and voted on a name.

Its a lot of thankless work running a community lead initiative and all the lumps that come with it so good on FB.

Thank You!

Thank you. It's nice hear supportive words, when criticisms are usually the first words new community projects are met with, despite starting out with all the best of intentions.

It's been a long year with many bumps along the way. We tired very hard to make the project as inclusive and accessible as possible within the scope of volunteer time. We hope that other supporters can contact us and help see this initiative come to it's completion. The best part in all this was meeting and getting to know so many of our neighbours -- that to me makes a community.