Students Add Additional Flare to Wallace Avenue Mural

Two students from the Contact Alternative School at University and Dundas have added some details to the mural on the old lumberyard building at 229 Wallace Avenue. Eric Johnson and Mike Cabot, who both live close by, used a dozen cans of spray paint to inject their own artistic brand onto the work that has already generated loads of interest and discussion.

Eric did all the work on the words "Vote" and "Perth Park" while Mike did his magic on "Railtown" and "The Wedge." Most of the paint work was done between 4 and 6 p.m. on Friday afternoon as people were returning home from work. A number of motorists slowed to see what was going on and a few even shouted out their favourite names.

The participation of the students was arranged by Michael and Ashley from the 229 Wallace Lofts who also paid for the paint supplies. A special thanks should also go to Donna Dolson, Dexter, and the rest of the staff at Contact Alternative School who assisted in finding these skilled Graffiti artists on short notice.

Great to see students getting involved in the project and we appreciated their volunteer effort very much. Just one down note about the work, if anyone has any information about the step ladder that went missing, could you please report to the principal’s office.

Photos by Michael.