Final Vote

This is the final round of voting in the Fuzzy Boundaries naming project. You may vote once for three names from the Top Ten names as selected by neighbourhood residents during the first round of voting.

This is a preferential ballot and you can select and rank your three favourite names by simply ticking a box in the First Choice, Second Choice and Third Choice areas listed below. You may vote for a name only once. Ballots with the same name indicated two or three times will only have their first choice counted.

Voters must submit name, address, postal code and telephone information for verification purposes. Incomplete information will result in a spoiled ballot and the vote will not be counted. All information collected will be kept confidential in compliance with Canada's Privacy Laws.

If you wish to receive notice of the final results on Tuesday, March 16, please complete the e-mail address box. Many thanks for participating!

Your complete first and last name (e.g. Jane Smith)

Your street address (e.g. 123 Symington Ave.)

Your city of residence (e.g. Toronto)

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